How to Navigate the Website

Step 1.  In your internet browser’s address bar, type in the address: and hit “Enter”




Step 2. With your mouse pointer (11949837852006954576mouse_pointer_wolfram_es_03-svg-hi.png), click “LOGIN” at the top right side of the webpage



Step 3. With your mouse pointer, click the button labeled “Click Here to Register”




Step 4. To register for an account … Type in your information EXACTLY as it appears on your FSA 229-1 form – the form you filled out to participate in the TAA for Farmers program at your local FSA office.  Select the commodity Also required are the last four digits of your Tax ID number.  Then, click “Register”.




Step 5. To establish a username and a password … Enter a user name and click “Check Availability” to make sure the user name is available.  Once you have selected a user name, set up a password (choose any password you want) and enter your password a second time.   Next, set up a security question and answer.  This will allow you to get back into the system in the event that you forget your user name or password.   You need to write you own question (it can be any question you want) and answer.  Then click “Create User”.






Step 6.  NOW YOU ARE REGISTERED!  (If you have NOT been able to successfully register, please contact the site administrator at the Center for Farm Financial Management (612) 624-7585 or email  Anytime you want to login to your TAA for Farmers online account, just follow the instructions in Step 1 above to get to the login screen.  Enter your user name and password and click “Log In”



Step 7.  Going to Your “My Home” page.  Once you have registered and logged in, you will be on your “My Home” page.  On this page you can edit your information, monitor your progress towards completion of the TAA for Farmers program and also view available courses.  If you plan to complete your training requirements online, you go here to complete your initial orientation and intensive training courses online.



Step 8.  Completing Initial Orientation Online.  You MUST complete Initial Orientation by December 22, 2010.  You have two options for completing this requirement: 1) attend an Initial Orientation event in your area OR 2) complete the Initial Orientation online on the website.  The following instructions will provide step by step directions on how to complete this simple process.

From your “My Home” webpage (described in Step 7) under Initial Orientation … click “Available Workshops”.  You will see a list of locations and available workshops as well as a button for “Initial Orientation Online”.  Click this button to begin the process the Initial Orientation Online training.

Step 8a.  Once you have clicked the button “Take Online” you will be taken to the Initial Orientation Online main page where the Four required steps that MUST be completed to earn credit are described.




Step 8b. There are four steps that must be completed to receive credit for the Initial Orientation via the website. 

Step 1: Complete the Pre-Evaluation - Before you begin the course, you must complete the Pre-Evaluation

Step 2: View the Course - You must complete the Pre-Evaluation before you can visit the course

Step 3: Take the Quiz- The "Take the Quiz" button will be available once you have gone through the course

Step 4: Complete the Evaluation- The "Complete the Evaluation" button will be available once you pass the quiz













8c. Click the “Begin Pre-Evaluation” button (below, Step 1).  You must complete the pre-evaluation form before you can move on to Step 2 and view the workshop training.  Answer the short series of questions in the Pre-Evaluation and then you will be able to move on to Step 2.

8d. Once you have clicked the “Go to this Workshop” button (shown above) View the Welcome page video that explains the TAA for Farmers Online Training Website. 



Step 8 Continued. Completing Initial Orientation Online. 

8d Continued.   Once you’ve viewed the welcome video, select from the menu at left “Overview” and then click the “Start” button (beginning with Introduction and Overview) for each of the sections of the Initial Orientation.  YOU MUST CLICK AND VIEW THE VIDEO FOR EACH SECTION.


You must complete all sections


Once you have completed all sections of the Overview, click the Commodity Specific portion of the Initial Orientation (it will list your commodity, Asparagus, Shrimp, Catfish, etc.).  For example, for a catfish applicant, your option on the left menu would read “Catfish Outlook”.  Click the “Outlook” button from the menu on the left.  Click “Start” and view the Situation and Outlook for your commodity.  YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS SECTION TO GET CREDIT AND CONTINUE WITH THE PROGRAM.



Shrimp Situation and Outlook




Step 8 Continued. Completing Initial Orientation Online. 

8e.  Click the “Take the Quiz” button.  Now that you have completed all sections of the “Overview” and “Commodity Portion” of the Initial Orientation, you MUST COMPLETE THE QUIZ TO RECEIVE CREDIT.  Answer all of the questions then click the “Submit My Answers” button at the bottom of the screen.   You must answer a certain number of questions correctly to move on to Step 4 and you will be prompted to go back and retake the quiz until you get the required number of questions answered correctly.




8f. Click the “Complete the Evaluation” button.  YOU MUST COMPLETE EVALUATION TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE INITIAL ORIENTATION.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the evaluation.  Once submitted, you will be taken back to the main Initial Orientation page where you will confirm that you have complete all four of the required steps.  If you have successfully completed Initial Orientation, the screen will appear as shown here:

Note that a check () is listed on each step that has been successfully completed.

If you experience any issues with registering or accessing online training on the website, please contact the site administrator at the Center for Farm Financial Management, Phone: (612) 625-1964




Also contact your Risk Management Education Center:

Southern Risk Management Education Center

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

Phone: (501) 671-2165   email:



North Central Risk Management Education Center

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension

Phone: (800) 535-3456



Northeast Center for Risk Management Education

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

Phone: (302) 831-6540



Western Center for Risk Management Education

Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Phone: (509) 477-2168