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Southern Risk Management Grant Impact Publication Series

The Southern Risk Mangement Education Center grants program impacts farmers and producers across the south each year. SRMEC has created a series of 2-page final report summaries which show the amazing results this program has on agriculture in the southern region.



In the Summer of 2013, SRMEC convened a group of land grant faculty, primarily agricultural economist,  from across the Southern region to identify research and extension priorities for local foods systems efforts (LFS).  The effort sought to systematically understand local food system development activities across the southern region with a focus on comprehensive program development and delivery.  The team sought to identify priorities to guide opportunities for future risk management education program needs and collaboration.  The collaboration resulted in a themed issue of Choices—a publication of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association—being developed and released.  Choices is the magazine of food, farm and resource issues and the themed issue, Developing Local Food Systems in the South, was 4th Quarter 2013 -28(4).
Local Food Systems - Choices 4th Quarter Issue


SRMEC seeks to keep our fingers on the pulse of risk management issues across the South and nation by directly engaging five full-time land-grant faculty members to serve as a risk coordinator.  The network of coordinators expands our network to work with  extension experts providing opportunities for enhanced dialog with the faculty member and their respective institutions and strengthen existing relationships across the region to promote center activities as well as conduct outreach.

Financial – Eric A. DeVuyst, Professor, Oklahoma State University 
SRME01FS - Risk Education Publication Series (2013): Sources of Institutional Financial Risks in Agriculture

Legal – Jesse J. Richardson, Lead Land Use Attorney, West Virginia University College of Law
SRME02FS - Risk Education Publication Series (2013): Legal Risk Management Issues

Price and Market – Kurt M. Guidry, Gilbert Durbin Professor, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
SRME03FS - Risk Education Publication Series (2013): Current Issues for Risk Management

Production – Nathan B. Smith, Associate Professor and Extension Economist, University of Georgia
SRME04FS - Risk Education Publication Series (2013): Southern Agricultural Production Risk Issues

Human - Luis Ribera, Associate Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M University:  
SRME05FS - Risk Education Publication Series (2013): Labor Issues in Agriculture











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