Pictures of row crop images such as wheat, soybeans, corn,cotton, irrigation systems, and crop dusting.

AAEA 2013 Crop Insurance Symposium
Louisville KY October 8-9, 2013

Session I: Plenary featuring Invited Speakers

Session II: Selected Paper Sessions

Interaction Between Federal Programs and Crop Insurance I

Institutional Barriers to an Insurance-Based Farm Safety Net

Is Crop Insurance Relevant as a Safety Net for Southern Agriculture?

Regional Considerations in Use of Model Farms for Policy Analysis

The Demand for Crop Insurance: How Important are the Subsidies?

Tools and Techniques for Modeling Crop Insurance Performance

Revenue Risk, Crop Insurance and Forward Contracting

Analyzing Federal Farm Program and Crop Insurance Options to Assess Policy Design and Risk Management Implications for Crop Producers

Challenging Belief in the Law of Small Numbers

Evaluating the Interaction Between Farm Programs with Crop Insurance and Producers' Risk Preferences

Crop Insurance Impacts on Farm Management Decisions I

Adjusting Crop Insurance APH Calculation to Accomodate Biomass Production

Crop Insurance for Energy Grasses

Deductible vs. Coinsurnace in Shallow-Loss Crop Insurance Policies

Examining Contemporaneous Farm and County Losses Using Farm Level Data

Session III: Selected Paper Sessions

Interaction Between Federal Programs and Crop Insurance II

Incorporating Crop Insurance Subsidies into Conservation Reserve Program Design

Analysis of the STAX and SCO Programs for Cotton Producers

A Stewardship Endorsement for Crop Insurance: Mitigating Risk and Improving Environmental Outcomes of the Federal Crop Insurance Program through Improved On-Farm Management

Soil Matters: How the Federal Crop Insurance Program should be reformed to
encourage low-risk farming methods with high-reward environmental outcomes

Analysis of the Supplemental Coverage Option

Balancing Political and Actuarial Considerations in Rating Practices

El Nino Southern Oscillation Impacts on Crop Insurance

Accounting for Weather Probabilites in Crop Insurance Rating

Impact of Crop Insurance Indemnity Payments on Cash Rent and Land Values

Crop Insurance Impacts on Farm Management Decisions II

The Effectiveness of Livestock Revenue Protection Insurance for Feeder and Fed Cattle Risk Management in North Carolina

Managing Specialty Crop Risk in North Carolina

Moove Over, Will New Government Sponsored Dairy Margin Insurance Crowd Out Private market Risk Mangement Tools














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