Pictures of row crop images such as wheat, soybeans, corn,cotton, irrigation systems, and crop dusting.

Funded Projects


Dairy Profit Monitor - NC Pilot Peer Group, North Carolina State University, $9,133.00

Advanced Online Marketing Strategies for Tennessee Farmers, University of Tennessee, $49,883.00

Herbicide Resistance Education, Oklahoma State University, $23,105.00

Building Farm Foundations and Planning for Success: Planning, Marketing Strategies and Risk Management for Beginning and Limited Resource Farmers, National Center for Appropriate Technology, $49,967.00

Enhancing Louisiana Agritourism: Managing Financial and Legal Liabilities, LSU AgCenter, $44,765.00

Gate to Plate: Targeted Business and Production Management Training for Women, Beginning and Transitioning Ranchers Selling Meat into the Marketplace, North Carolina State University/NC Choices, $49,992.00

Implementing Biosecurity and Disease Prevention Measures and Evaluating Marketing Strategies and Contract Opportunities in Small Ruminant Production, University of Tennessee, $44,332.00

Institutional Market Readiness for Small Scale Alternative Crop Farmers in East Arkansas,East Arkansas Enterprise Community, $49,920.00

Financial Risk Management for Herd Rebuilding in South Texas, Texas A&M, $14,753.00

Local Produce Safety Initiative, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, $49,990.00

Developing, Practicing and Implementing Written Marketing Plans and Risk Management Skills Through Crop Marketing and Risk Management Clubs, University of Kentucky, $50,000.00

Strengthening Risk Management Tools for Growers in South Florida: Crop Insurance Training, University of Florida, $27,135.00

Reducing Risk for Specialty Crop Farmers Seeking Access to Large Wholesale Markets, Appalachian Sustainable Development, $26,591.00

Risk Management Education for Urba Farmers in Texas, Prairie View A&M University, $38,432.00

Enhancing Tennessee Small Scale Fruit and Vegetable Farms Ability to Manage Marketing and Financial Risks, University of Tennessee, $49,034.00

Implementing Risk Management Practices to Improve Economic Viability with 80 Socially Disadvantaged Producers in San Elizario Texas, National Immigrant Farming Initiative, $49,995.00

Addressing Production and Business Risk for Small Ruminant Producers in Kentucky, Kentucky State University, $33,160.00


Developing Marketing Plans and Strategies for Historically Underserved Producers in Mississippi StrikeForce Counties, $44,466.00, National Crop Insurance Services

Educating Oklahoma Ag Lenders on Beef Cattle Risk Management, $10,932.00, Oklahoma State University - OCES

Farm Labor Management: Helping Producers Cultivate Human Resources, $40,934.00, Oklahoma State University

Facilitating on-farm food safety risk management practices to implement FSMA and GFSI requirements, $49,777.00, LSU AgCenter

Holistic Management and Risk Assessment Workshops for Dairy Farmers in the Southern Region, $49,586.00, Department of Dairy Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Improving Agritourism Marketing and Branding in Mississippi, $49,144.00, Mississippi State University

Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Risk Management Education for Kentucky Farm Families, $49,136.00, University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Risk Management and Economic Thresholds for Treating the Sugarcane Aphid on Sorghum - An Excel Tool, $49,439.00, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center

Southern Agricultural Lease Education Program, $45,086.00, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

Specialty Crop and Organic Producer Analysis of Whole- farm and Organic Crop Insurance Options, $41,920.00, Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA

Teaching New Tools for Risk Management to Livestock Producers in Oklahoma, $37,373.00, Oklahoma State University

Think Fast: Assessing Agricultural Risks Using Applied Techniques, $41,669.00, Mississippi State University

Training Kentucky Crop Farmers to Develop an Integrated Farm Program, Insurance, and Price Risk Management Safety-Net, $49,998.00, University of Kentucky       

Utilizing Social Media and Digital Technologies as a Marketing Strategy for Virgin Islands Farmers, $49,949.00, University of the Virgin Islands          

FY 2014

A Risk Management Initiative of the Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Program. $48,073.00

Bringing Risk Management Education to Producers Through YouTube and Other Social Media Outlets $48,463.00

Business Planning and Marketing Education for Hard-to-Reach Urban Gardeners, Inner-City Youth and Beginning Vegetable Growers $46,025.00

Developing Personal Risk Management Plans for Limited Resource and Socially Disadvantaged Producers in South Carolina, Laurence Crane, National Crop Insurance Services, $49,242

Development of Lender-Producer Marketing Networks to Mitigate Financial and Price Risk through Education on Futures, Options, and Contracts $33,175.00

EBT at North Carolina Farmers Markets: Reducing Direct Marketing Risk through Diversification of Customer Base, Molly Nicholie, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), $37,500

Economics of Aflatoxin Risk Management in Selected Southern States $49,944.00

Environmental Regulatory Compliance for Farmers and Ranchers $45,000.00

Fostering Enterprise Diversification to Expand Local Community Food Systems $44,897.00

Increasing the Scope and Diversity of Mobile Applications for Southeast Cattle and Forage Producers $45,984.00

Integrated Risk Management for Women Producers, Processors, and Retailers in the Local Meat Product Value Chain $46,000.00

Integrating Online and In-person Training to Bridge Risk Management Education $45,000.00

Managing Risk for Tennessee Producers in Small Scale Processing of Poultry $19,105.00

Managing Risk: Estate Planning and Farm Transition $46,500.00

Mitigating risk from changing irrigation water resources and regulations $36,118.00

Petroleum Production on Agricultural Lands: Managing Risks and Opportunities $49,235.00

Social Media to enhance competitiveness of Small Farmers in South Florida $36,878.00

Using Emerging Technology to Reduce Risk in the Green Industry $42,525.00

Using Excel as a Farm Management Tool $5,911.00


Assessing the Risk and Opportunities of Institutional Markets for Small to Medium Size Farms, S. Gary Bullen, North Carolina State University, $40,195

Cultivating Tennessee Agritourism through Risk Management Education, Megan Bruch, University of Tennessee Extension, $39,953

Economics of Aflatoxin Risk Management Tools, Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, $48,000

Estate and Transition Planning for Agricultural Producers, Jason Johnson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, $24,009

Forest and Woodland Certification Outreach for Mississippi Farms, Jason Gordon, Mississippi State University, $34,104

Growing Farms Profits: Furthering Education on Farm Financial Management, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $44,991

Implementing GAP's and GHPs programs for producing high quality and safer produce in Mississippi, Barakat Mahmoud, Mississippi State University, $38,061

Incorporation of Risk Management Strategies into the Master Cattleman Program, Megan Rolf, Oklahoma State University, $18,073

Irrigation and Fertilizer Risk Management Strategies, Jeffrey Ullman, University of Florida, $45,751

Legal Guide for Direct Marketing Aquaculture Products in Alabama, Stephanie Showalter Otts, National Sea Grant Law Center, $49,000

Managing and Mitigating Energy Development Risks in Mississippi, Rachael Carter, Stennis Institute- Mississippi State University, $46,748

Managing Farm Transitions: Connecting Landowners-Farmers-and Families, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $49,864

Managing Marketing and Legal Risks Associated with Direct-to-Intermediaries Sales Strategies for Locally Grown Food and Food Products: Mississippi Market Ready Training, Ken Hood, Mississippi State University, $35,170

Mitigating Post-Recession Environmental-Marketing-and Financial Risks for Nursery and Greenhouse Growers, Charlie Hall, Texas A&M University, $48,635

Mitigating Risk with Systems-based Pest Management for Tennessee Nursery Owners-Producers-and Hispanic Work Force, Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee, $38,971

Reducing Beef Cattle Production Risks by Enhancing Soil Health-Drought Resilience-and Reduced Inputs through Thoughtful Grazing Management, Matthew Poore, North Carolina State University, $49,695

Risk Management Education and Outreach for Socially Disadvantge Agricultural Producers in Texas, Kimberly Ratcliff, 100 Ranchers Inc., $50,000

Risk Management Education for Hispanic and Other Small Producers in South Texas, Rick Carrera, University of Texas-Pan American, $42,211

Tools for Profit Teams: Improving the Success of Advisory Teams to Benefit Overall Farm Performance, Stephen Bullen, North Carolina State University, $47,514


Addressing Farm Leasing Risk, Jesse Richardson, Virginia Tech, $36,063

Developing Mobile Applications and Utilizing Social Media for the Southeast Cattle Advisor, Lawton Stewart, University of Georgia, $49,964

Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods to Enhance Profitability of Small Producers, Marco Palma, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $42,011

Education and Outreach on the Risks and Benefits of Leases and Rental Agreements in Farm Transition, Chris Clark, University of Tennessee, $19,652

Ensuring Continuation of Farm Operations in Alabama through Effective Retirement-Estate and Succession Planning, Rick Zapata, Alabama Cooperative Extension, $50,000

Financial Analysis for Contract Poultry Growers, Ross Pruitt, LSU AgCenter, $26,714

Food Defense-Biosecurity and Traceability at the Farm Level as Essential Elements to Risk Management for Mississippi Producers and Processors, J. Byron Williams, Mississippi State University, $44,424

Global Growers Farmer Training Project, Susan Pavlin, Refugee Family Services, $50,000

Grape and Winery Contracting and Supply Chain Management, Timothy Woods, University of Kentucky,

Growing Farm Profits: Improving the Business and Marketing Decisions of Horticultural Producers, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $39,075

Homefront To Heartland: Empowering Women in Agriculture, Alice Rhea, University of Tennessee Extension, $33,159

Meat Goat Business and Operational Training for Producers in Oklahoma-the Southern Region and the U.S., James Jones, Oklahoma State University, $42,476

Retail Market Readiness Education for North Carolina Small-Scale Farmers, S. Gary Bullen, North Carolina State University, $45,107

Risk Management Education for Tennessee Value-Added Beef Producers, Megan Bruch, University of Tennessee-Center for Profitable Agriculture, $44,918

Risk Management Education for the Green Industry, Mengmeng Gu, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $49,694

Risk Management Outreach for Small-Scale Poultry Producers in Central Kentucky, Marion Simon, Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program, $42,689

Risk Management Tookit for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers II, Jay Yates, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $39,167


Adding Value: Risk Management Education for Farm Entrepreneurs, Scott Marlow, Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA, $50,000

Environmental Regulatory Risk Management for Livestock Producers in Georgia, Gary Hawkins, University of Georgia, $45,504

Flexible Cash Leases: Reducing Price Risk, Greg Halich, University of Kentucky, $12,903

Growing Farm Profits, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $39,021

Innovative Composting and Rainwater Harvesting Education for Managing Producer Risks Associated with Sustainable and Organic Production, Jason Vogel, $48,895

Integrating ACRE and Crop Insurance (2): a Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy, Cory Walters, University of Kentucky, $13,018

Managing Legal Liability in Agritourism and Direct Marketing, Martha Walker, Virginia Cooperative Extension, $35,860

Managing legal Risk for Alternative Uses of Forestland, Rusty Rumley, National Agricultural Law Center, $48,250

Managing Risk in the Environmental Horticulture Industry, Marco Palma, Texas A&M University, $48,311

Mineral Rights Leases: Understanding Farmer Risks and Rewards, Scott Marlow, Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA, $48,000

Minimizing Production - Marketing and Legal Risks Associated with Adopting Alternative Technologies for Locally Grown Produce, Kimberly Morgan, MS State University, $50,605

Risk Management Education for Small-Medium and Limited-Resource Livestock and Forage Producers in Georgia, R. Curt Lacy, Unviersity of Georgia, $36,924

Risk Management Toolkit for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers, Jay Yates, Texas Agrilife Extension Service, $40,446

Training Producers to Manage Alternative Energy Risks, Mike Morris, National Center for Appropriate Technology, $45,795

Wind Leasing: Understanding and Limiting Legal Liability, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $46,679


Annie's Project in Florida, Susan Kelly,, UF/IFAS Extension Service, $39,121

Commercial Market Readiness Education for Kentucky Farmers and Southeastern States, Tim Woods, University of Kentucky, $47,432

Estate and Financial Planning Education for Socially Disadvantaged Producers and Real Estate Owners in Arkansas, Henry English, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, $31,273

Experiential Risk Management Education for Young and Socially Disadvantaged Producers Using the Fed Cattle Market Simulator, Kellie Raper, Oklahoma State University, $13,214

Introducing Annie's Project to Texas Ag. Producers, Jason Johnson, Texas AgriLife Extension Service,$ 39,372

Management Conferences for Oklahoma Women in Agriculture, Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University, $41,550

Managing Risk in the Green Industry, Charlie Hall, Texas A&M University,$ 47,509

Risk Management Training for High School Agriculture Teachers-Students and Farm Families, Kim Anderson, Oklahoma State University, $50,000

Rural Black Women Agriculture Sustainable Economic Project in the Southeast, Heather Gray, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, $47,936

Southeastern Beef Cattle Risk Management Education Project, Lawton Stewart, University of Georgia, $49,960

Using Alternative Enterprises and Recreational Development to Bolster Farm Incomes, Rusty Rumley, National Agricultural Law Center, 49,231
















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