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SRMEC Grant Program Impact Publication Series

The Southern Risk Mangement Education Center grants program impacts farmers and producers across the south each year. SRMEC has created a series of 2-page final report summaries which show the amazing results this program has on agriculture in the southern region.

2014 Farm Bill Risk Management Decision Tool

Assessing the Risk and Opportunities of Institutional Markets for Small to Medium-Size Farms

Cultivating Tennessee Agritourism Through Risk Management Education

Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods to Enhance Profitability of Small Producers

Education and Outreach on the Risks and Benefits of Leases and Rental Agreements in Farm Transition

Ensuring Continuation of Farm Operations inAlabama Through Effective Retirement, Estate andSuccession Planning

Estate and Transition Planning for Agricultural Producers

Food Defense, Biosecurity and Traceability at the Farm Level as Essential Elements to Risk Management for Mississippi Producers and Processors

Forest and Woodland Certification Outreach for Mississippi Farms

Global Growers’ Farmer Training Project

Growing Farm Profits: Furthering Education on Farm Financial Management

Growing Farm Profits: Improving the Business and Marketing Decisions of Horticultural Producers

Homefront to Heartland: Empowering Women in Agriculture

Implementing GAP and GHP Programs for Producing High Quality and Safer Produce in Mississippi

Incorporation of Risk Management Strategies into the Master Cattleman Program

Managing and Mitigating Energy Development Risks in Mississippi

Managing Marketing and Legal Risks Associated with Direct-to-Intermediaries Sales Strategies for Locally Grown Food and Food Products: Mississippi Market Ready training

Mitigating Post-Recession Environmental, Marketing and Financial Risks for Nursery and Greenhouse Growers

Mitigating Risk With Systems-Based Pest Management for Tennessee Nursery Owners, Producers and Hispanic Workforce

Reducing Beef Cattle Production Risks by Enhancing Soil Health, Drought Resilience and Reduced Inputs Through Thoughtful Grazing Management

Retail Market Readiness Education for North Carolina Small-Scale Farmers

Risk Management Education for Hispanic and Other Small Producers in South Texas

Risk Management Education for the Green Industry

Risk Management Education for Tennessee Value-Added Beef Producers

Risk Management Outreach for Small Scale Poultry Producers in Central Kentucky

Risk Management Toolkit for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers II















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