Pictures of row crop images such as wheat, soybeans, corn,cotton, irrigation systems, and crop dusting.

Completed Grant Projects


A Risk Management Initiative of the Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Program, Kim Niewolny, Virginia Tech, $48,073

Bringing Risk Management Education to Producers Through YouTube and Other Social Media Outlets, J.J. Jones, Oklahoma State University, $48,463

Business Planning and Marketing Education for Hard-to-Reach Urban Gardeners, Inner-City Youth and Beginning Vegetable Growers, Duncan Chembezi, Alabama A&M University, $46,025

Developing Personal Risk Management Plans for Limited Resource and Socially Disadvantaged Producers in South Carolina, Laurence Crane, National Crop Insurance Services, $49,242

Development of Lender-Producer Marketing Networks to Mitigate Financial and Price Risk Through Education on Futures, Options, and Contracts, Aaron Smith, University of Tennessee, $33,175

EBT at North Carolina Farmers Markets: Reducing Direct Marketing Risk through Diversification of Customer Base, Molly Nicholie, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), $37,500

Environmental Regulatory Compliance for Farmers and Ranchers, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $45,000

Fostering Enterprise Diversification to Expand Local Community Food Systems, Renee Threlfall, University of Arkansas, $44,897

Increasing the Scope and Diversity of Mobile Applications for Southeast Cattle and Forage Producers, Graham Lamb, University of Florida, $45,984

Integrating Online and In-Person Training to Bridge Risk Management Education, Jean Willoughby, Rural Advancement Foundation International, $45,000

Integrated Risk Management for Women Producers, Processors, and Retailers in the Local Meat Product Value Chain, Casey McKissick, NC Choices, $46,000

Managing Risk: Estate Planning and Farm Transition, Sandra Maddox, University of Mount Olive, $46,500

Managing Risk for Tennessee Producers in Small Scale Processing of Poultry, Wendell Pepper, University of Tennessee, $19,105

Mitigating Risk From Changing Irrigation Water Resources and Regulations, Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee, $36,118

Petroleum Production on Agricultural Lands: Managing Risks and Opportunities, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $49,235

Social Media to Enhance Competitiveness of Small Farmers in the South, Edwards Evans, University of Florida, $36,878

Using Emerging Technology to Reduce Risk in the Green Industry, Marco Palma, Texas A&M University, $42,525

Using Excel as a Farm Management Tool, Scott Clawson, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, $5,911


2012 Farm Bill Risk Management Decision Tool, Jody Campiche, Oklahoma State University, $49,956

Assessing the Risk and Opportunities of Institutional Markets for Small to Medium Size Farms, S. Gary Bullen, North Carolina State University, $40,195

Cultivating Tennessee Agritourism through Risk Management Education, Megan Bruch, University of Tennessee Extension, $39,953

Economics of Aflatoxin Risk Management Tools, Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, $48,000

Estate and Transition Planning for Agricultural Producers, Jason Johnson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, $24,009

Forest and Woodland Certification Outreach for Mississippi Farms, Jason Gordon, Mississippi State University, $34,104

Growing Farms Profits: Furthering Education on Farm Financial Management, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $44,991

Implementing GAP's and GHPs programs for producing high quality and safer produce in Mississippi, Barakat Mahmoud, Mississippi State University, $38,061

Incorporation of Risk Management Strategies into the Master Cattleman Program, Megan Rolf, Oklahoma State University, $18,071

Legal Guide for Direct Marketing Aquaculture Products in Alabama, Stephanie Showalter Otts, National Sea Grant Law Center, $49,000

Managing and Mitigating Energy Development Risks in Mississippi, Rachael Carter, Stennis Institute- Mississippi State University, $46,748

Managing Farm Transitions: Connecting Landowners-Farmers-and Families, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $49,864

Managing Marketing and Legal Risks Associated with Direct-to-Intermediaries Sales Strategies for Locally Grown Food and Food Products: Mississippi Market Ready Training, Ken Hood, Mississippi State University, $35,170

Mitigating Post-Recession Environmental-Marketing-and Financial Risks for Nursery and Greenhouse Growers, Charlie Hall, Texas A&M University, $48,635

Mitigating Risk with Systems-based Pest Management for Tennessee Nursery Owners-Producers-and Hispanic Work Force, Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee, $38,971

Reducing Beef Cattle Production Risks by Enhancing Soil Health-Drought Resilience-and Reduced Inputs through Thoughtful Grazing Management, Matthew Poore, North Carolina State University, $49,695

Risk Management Education and Outreach for Socially Disadvantge Agricultural Producers in Texas, Kimberly Ratcliff, 100 Ranchers Inc., $50,000

Risk Management Education for Hispanic and Other Small Producers in South Texas, Rick Carrera, University of Texas-Pan American, $42,211

Tools for Profit Teams: Improving the Success of Advisory Teams to Benefit Overall Farm Performance, Stephen Bullen, North Carolina State University, $47,514


Addressing Farm Leasing Risk, Jesse Richardson, Virginia Tech, $36,063

Developing Mobile Applications and Utilizing Social Media for the Southeast Cattle Advisor, Lawton Stewart, University of Georgia, $49,964

Direct and Intermediated Marketing of Local Foods to Enhance Profitability of Small Producers, Marco Palma, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $42,011

Education and Outreach on the Risks and Benefits of Leases and Rental Agreements in Farm Transition, Chris Clark, University of Tennessee, $19,652

Ensuring Continuation of Farm Operations in Alabama through Effective Retirement-Estate and Succession Planning, Rick Zapata, Alabama Cooperative Extension, $50,000

Food Defense-Biosecurity and Traceability at the Farm Level as Essential Elements to Risk Management for Mississippi Producers and Processors, J. Byron Williams, Mississippi State University, $44,424

Global Growers Farmer Training Project, Susan Pavlin, Refugee Family Services, $50,000

Grape and Winery Contracting and Supply Chain Management, Timothy Woods, University of Kentucky, $44,132

Growing Farm Profits: Improving the Business and Marketing Decisions of Horticultural Producers, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $39,075

Homefront To Heartland: Empowering Women in Agriculture, Alice Rhea, University of Tennessee Extension, $33,159

Meat Goat Business and Operational Training for Producers in Oklahoma-the Southern Region and the U.S., James Jones, Oklahoma State University, $42,476

Retail Market Readiness Education for North Carolina Small-Scale Farmers, S. Gary Bullen, North Carolina State University, $45,107

Risk Management Education for Tennessee Value-Added Beef Producers, Megan Bruch, University of Tennessee-Center for Profitable Agriculture, $44,918

Risk Management Education for the Green Industry, Mengmeng Gu, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $49,694

Risk Management Outreach for Small-Scale Poultry Producers in Central Kentucky, Marion Simon, Kentucky State University Cooperative Extension Program, $42,689

Risk Management Tookit for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers II, Jay Yates, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, $39,167


Adding Value: Risk Management Education for Farm Entrepreneurs, Scott Marlow, Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA, $50,000

Environmental Regulatory Risk Management for Livestock Producers in Georgia, Gary Hawkins, University of Georgia, $45,504

Flexible Cash Leases: Reducing Price Risk, Greg Halich, University of Kentucky, $12,903

Growing Farm Profits, Jean Mills, Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, $39,021

Innovative Composting and Rainwater Harvesting Education for Managing Producer Risks Associated with Sustainable and Organic Production, Jason Vogel, $48,895

Managing Legal Liability in Agritourism and Direct Marketing, Martha Walker, Virginia Cooperative Extension, $35,860

Managing legal Risk for Alternative Uses of Forestland, Rusty Rumley, National Agricultural Law Center, $48,250

Managing Risk in the Environmental Horticulture Industry, Marco Palma, Texas A&M University, $48,311

Mineral Rights Leases: Understanding Farmer Risks and Rewards, Scott Marlow, Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA, $48,000

Minimizing Production - Marketing and Legal Risks Associated with Adopting Alternative Technologies for Locally Grown Produce, Kimberly Morgan, MS State University, $50,605

Risk Management Education for Small-Medium and Limited-Resource Livestock and Forage Producers in Georgia, R. Curt Lacy, Unviersity of Georgia, $36,924

Risk Management Toolkit for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers, Jay Yates, Texas Agrilife Extension Service, $40,446

Training Producers to Manage Alternative Energy Risks, Mike Morris, National Center for Appropriate Technology, $45,795

Wind Leasing: Understanding and Limiting Legal Liability, Shannon Ferrell, Oklahoma State University, $46,679


Annie's Project in Florida, Susan Kelly,, UF/IFAS Extension Service, $39,121

Commercial Market Readiness Education for Kentucky Farmers and Southeastern States, Tim Woods, University of Kentucky, $47,432

Estate and Financial Planning Education for Socially Disadvantaged Producers and Real Estate Owners in Arkansas, Henry English, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, $31,273

Experiential Risk Management Education for Young and Socially Disadvantaged Producers Using the Fed Cattle Market Simulator, Kellie Raper, Oklahoma State University, $13,214

Introducing Annie's Project to Texas Ag. Producers, Jason Johnson, Texas AgriLife Extension Service,$ 39,372

Management Conferences for Oklahoma Women in Agriculture, Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University, $41,550

Managing Risk in the Green Industry, Charlie Hall, Texas A&M University,$ 47,509

Risk Management Training for High School Agriculture Teachers-Students and Farm Families, Kim Anderson, Oklahoma State University, $50,000

Rural Black Women Agriculture Sustainable Economic Project in the Southeast, Heather Gray, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, $47,936

Southeastern Beef Cattle Risk Management Education Project, Lawton Stewart, University of Georgia, $49,960

Using Alternative Enterprises and Recreational Development to Bolster Farm Incomes, Rusty Rumley, National Agricultural Law Center, 49,231

Advisory Council

Decisions regarding funding of each proposal are made by our Advisory Council.

Name Institution State
John Anderson Producer


Jody Campiche National Cotton Council Tennessee
Deacue Fields Auburn University Alabama
Bill Herndon Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine Mississippi State University Mississippi
Rodney Holcomb Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
Rose Jeter Market Maker Virginia
Ryan Luter Farm Credit Oklahoma
Susie Marshall Grow North Texas Texas
Louie Rivers Jr. Kentucky State University Kentucky
Amanda Smith University of Georgia Extension Georgia
Grace Summers North Carolina Cooperative Extension North Carolina
Dee Vaughan Producer Texas


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