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Center Overview

The Southern Risk Management Education Center's mission is "helping Southern farmers and ranchers achieve long-term success and economic independence". The purpose of the center is to help producers in the Southern Region make better decisions to achieve their business and family goals.   In doing this, the projects of the center will focus on the five areas of risk; namely, production, marketing, financial, legal, and human resources risks. A comprehensive approach that addresses the interactions between these five areas will be encouraged.  Our projects focus on enhancing farmer behavior and knowledge through risk management education.  Therefore direct engagement and interaction with growers and grower organizations are welcomed. For the years 2009-2016, 112 grant projects funded at approximately $4.5M across the region.


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SRMEC is one of four regional risk management education centers. The other three centers are The Northeast Center for Risk Management Education (University of Delaware Cooperative Extension), Western Center for Risk Management Education (Washington State University Cooperative Extension) and The North Central Risk Management Education Center (University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension). There is a national center for risk management that houses the digital library and coordinates the Trade Adjustment Assistance activities The Digital Center for Risk Management Education (University of Minnesota Extension) Ag Risk Education Library.






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