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Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers

The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers and Fishermen (TAA) program has ended.  SRMEC thanks the network of land-grant faculty and industry leaders that assisted with the programs promotion and resource development. 

Extension and Sea Grant faculty in the Southern Region collaborated with SRMEC to develop curriculum and deliver training. A total of 41 Intensive Training Courses were attended by catfish and shrimp applicants, both as traditional in-person workshops and online (attendance is tracked for each course offered). Nationally, the TAA program had 107237 applicants approved for assistance for training and benefits to be offered over a 3-year period ending in the summer of 2013.

22,209 – total training attendance
8,939 – online attendance (40% of total)
13,270 – in-person attendance (60% of total)
• 5,361 applicants (99.7%) developed and submitted an approved initial business plan
•5,146 applicants (93% of approved applicants) successfully submitted an approved long-term business plan in the Southern Region

Although the program has ended, the online training modules that were developed for TAA are available to the public.  There are many useful training modules developed to assist business owners in understanding their business environment and/or evaluating their operations.  The training resources range from specific approved commodities in the program (shrimp, catfish, asparagus, lobster, and wild blueberries) to trainings that are non-commodity specific (financial management, business planning, direct marketing, etc.)

There are 39 courses available via the National TAA for Farmers website.  The links below are for farmers, fishermen and educators interested in viewing the materials to enhance their business operations.  The TAA program has ended so no credits will be given or sign-in is required to use the material.

After you click on below link you will be taken to the home training page that has a list of all the available courses. Each course offering has a welcome and a presentation link.  To view the selected training course, on the top left of the screen click on “Presentations” and the course specific training sections will appear and you can begin the training course or choose which portion of the training you wish to view.  There is no need to sign in or register to view any of the courses.

TAA for Farmers Online Courses (ALL Courses):

TAA Program

To learn more about the program's impact, click on the link below that provides an overview of the educational effort across the Southern region. 
TAA Program Summary


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